We are located in the wine country of Valle De Guadalupe, Baja California.  One hour south of Tijuana and Tecate border, only a few minutes away from Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo, Baja Mar, Ensenada and the list goes on for local beaches.

On a 5 acre stretch of land with breathtaking views of the mountains with large boulders across our land that creates a beautiful natural landscape. We are also very proud to announce that we have incorporated indigenous landscaping, meaning we have respected the natural land and kept all the plants that are native to the region. Plus, we have added more than 1,000 local plants to create a nice integrated landscape for example; rosemary, lavender, olives, mesquites and different local cactus. All well put together to represent the land and location. Finally we have also planted our very own vineyard of Nebbiolo grapes to produce and harvest our own in-house wine all year long.

Origin Of Our Logo And Name:

Derived from pure elegance. Which we discovered through the historical heritage of the era, which was explored by the Spanish Jesuits after the exploration of the Americas following the Spanish conquest.  By definition; "Mission" was nothing more than a conversion plan meaning peace, spirituality and faith.

The typography alludes from this time period, as well as the creation of the heraldic monogram with the initials from a “Quinta” that refers to beauty and distinction typical from the era.


Our Mission:

To give our guests the best customer service possible. Which temporally relieves the day to day stress that has plagued our busy lives. To get our guests outdoors so they can finally stop and smell the fresh air that our beautiful scenery has to offer.

Our Vision:

To create a private get away. Your very own small resort that you can call a nest, a place to relax and feel at peace, a place to connect with nature. Be a favorite spot for people who like nature and wants to be at ease.